Be There in Five

By Kate Kennedy

What's Be There in Five about?

As a person that often texts their friends "Be There in Five" when she just got out of the shower, Kate Kennedy (entrepreneur, self-proclaimed millenni-old, and unofficial pop culture reporter) started a company that aimed to solve a major problem of likeminded people running out the door; wondering if they left their curling iron or straightener on. Concerned for the fire safety of her unpunctual peers, Kate founded her company Be There in Five, whose claim to fame is their proprietary 'remindoormats.' Now, 4 years and thousands of doormats later, the only thing left burning is Kate's desire to share her thoughts on pop culture, TV, celeb gossip, and the '90s zeitgeist, topics which she has become well-known for ranting about on Instagram. Join her while she podcasts her way through the lonely days of self-employment, chatting about things that she says, quote "are delightfully unimportant."

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