Season 3 Episode 4: Beauty and the Beasts

02.17.2017 - By Black Mirror Library

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It's a tale as old as time, Gentle Listeners, and that tale is the story of the beast that just needs the love of a good woman to tame him. We are here to call some bullshit on this heteronormative toxic masculinity fairy tale. In this steep decline of a season 3 episode we discuss how baffling Angel's pants situation is, victim shaming nonsense, unsettling horror movie-like PSA posters, and how we can really all use some therapy at this point. Join us for as these boys duel it out to see who can dominate. Spoiler-alert the winner is nobody.

Suggested talking points: Monsterboi Jamborees, veiny penismen, a secret sexy shackles trunk, and Slaywolfing

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