Becoming a Mother, Writing a Book, and Inspiring Women with Catia Holm, Episode 13

08.24.2016 - By The Happiness Mama Podcast with Heather Ash

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Highlights Blogging after breakup A supportive husband Writing a book in a year with a new baby What nobody talks about Her dream for all women The Confidence Revolution Awesome videos Introvert or extrovert? Myers-Briggs personality assessment Awkward conversations with blog readers Who we were in school Learning to make herself proud first Self-help books Rescripting our thoughts Her experience with meditation Wrangling snakes PSA for men: What NOT to tell a woman The lie of Jerry Maguire Catia’s three favorite forms of self-care Books Daring Greatly The Gifts of Imperfection Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers To Kill a Mockingbird Quotes “That’s my dream for everybody, that they have their heart full.” “Once you’ve walked through the fire, nobody can take that away from you.” “It’s okay to feel all the feelings.” “We complete ourselves, and if we’re not the one for ourselves , then we can never be the one for anybody else.” “What kind of love do you believe you deserve?” (All of the previous quotes are those of Catia Holm.) "When women move forward, the world moves with them." ~African proverb Links

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