Bed of Lies

By The Telegraph

What's Bed of Lies about?

It was meant to be a miracle treatment, but it became a deadly poison. Cara McGoogan investigates the story they didn't want you to know - and one of the biggest medical disasters in history.
The award-winning first series of Bed of Lies is also available to listen to on this feed: They have the perfect relationship, until one day he vanishes. Her hunt leads to other women just like her - and a web of state-spun lies. This is the untold story of one of Britain's biggest secrets.

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Introducing: Call Bethel


Brave whistleblowers. A trail of data. A secret system for dealing with allegations of child abuse. Bed of Lies' Cara McGoogan introduces a new podcast from the Telegraph, Call Bethel. Follow the Telegraph's Investigations team on their year-long hunt into ...

Bed of Lies episodes: