Being Earthy Andy - What it's like being a vegan Mother & internet sensation

12.09.2018 - By Plant Proof - Plant Based Nutrition & Inspirational Stories

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Episode 44 I caught up with Andrea, or Earthy Andy as you may know her as, on the North Shore of Oahu. Andy was in the final few weeks of her pregnancy (has since had baby Nalu) so it was such an amazing effort for her to sit through quite a long recording!

In this episode we covered:

• What its like to live in North Shore, Hawaii
• Where she grew up
• What her early years were like including her family, sports & what she ate
• How and where she met Shem
• When and what inspired her to make changes to the food she was eating
• How she hid her instagram account initially from anyone she knew including her family
• What Shem thought of her moving to a plant based lifestyle
• How her pregnancy is going as a vegan mother
• Breastfeeding
• What's a normal day look like for her family now including the types of foods they eat
• Whether their doctors are supportive of the way they live
• If they take any supplements
• The role of social media in her life and setting boundaries
• Her kids and technology/gadgets
• Her kids and the foods they eat.
• How she teaches them about the foods they eat to hopefully prevent them rebelling
• How she has encouraged her kids to try new foods
• Being a parent and tips for raising conscious, loving kids
• and much much more

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