012 Being purpose driven with Lorraine Lewis of The Lewis Foundation

02.04.2021 - By The Elephant in the Room

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I launched The Elephant in the Room podcast last year as a part of my learning journey to be more intentional and purpose driven. For most parts I love it, but as any podcast host will admit, it is hard work. It requires discipline to turn up week after week, and just the sheer number of hours it takes to put an episode together, can sometimes be a drag. However, I chose to do it, because I love it.
My guest for the 12th episode Lorraine Lewis knows a thing or two about turning up day after day at all hours towards a cause she is committed to. She is the co-founder of The Lewis Foundation an award winning charity, that provides free gifts and support to adults going through cancer treatment in hospitals around the midlands. During the first lockdown last year Lorraine and her husband Lee received a personal thanks from the Prime Minister for their hard work, and were awarded the Points of Light Award.
Lorraine balances her work at the foundation with her work as Criminal Lawyer working for the CPS. She is passionate about changing the world and she is doing it one step at a time.
In this freewheeling conversation she talks about her journey to setting up the charity; her work at the CPS; her identity, the term ‘BAME’; about finding her purpose and her inspiration amongst other things.
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