Ben Shapiro on Firing Fauci, Uncanceling Carano, and Ditching California | Ep. 68

02.24.2021 - By The Megyn Kelly Show

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Megyn Kelly is joined by Ben Shapiro, host of The Ben Shapiro Show and co-founder of The Daily Wire, to talk about Dr. Fauci and COVID fear, vaccines and lockdowns, "The Science," Govs. Cuomo and DeSantis (and media hypocrisy), the Ted Cruz controversy, Rush Limbaugh's legacy and Shapiro's New York Times column, Gina Carano getting uncanceled by The Daily Wire, and The Daily Wire's plans to expand into the film world, the left's culture war and what happens next, the problem with mainstream diversity training, how the Biden administration is doing so far, his move to Florida and the differences with California and more.

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