Berner Phone

By Hannah Berner and Des Bishop

What's Berner Phone about?

The Berner Phone hotline is open! Hannah Berner and her husband, comedian Des Bishop, are listening to callers, dishing out their best advice, and bantering back with hilarious chemistry for their first ever podcast together. Keep an eye out on their Instagram stories for prompts to leave a voice message and be featured on the pod. Whether it’s pet peeves, secrets, life advice, dating dilemmas, or career questions, Hannah and Des are dialed in.

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Berner Phone #17: Airing Yo...


The dialers are getting things off their chest this week. They have some serious grievances about airports, pestering shy people, and getting sober. 20% off w/ code BERNER at 10% off w/ code BERN at 15% off at ...

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