Episode 27: Best Found Footage Films & Extraterrestrial Sasquatch | Bigfoot, King of the Forest Podcast

08.06.2019 - By The Bigfoot, King of the Forest Podcast

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On Episode 27 of the Bigfoot, King of the Forest Podcast Sara & Jeff are back at it from Rougarou Studios after anther brief hiatus. Before the news, they discuss what has been going on with the studio, work and family obligations that have been keeping them from podcasting regularly, but look to be slowing down as they get settled in to the studio.
After the news, Sara gets into one of Jeff’s favorite things: found footage films. She goes through a recent list of the top 10 found footage films of all time, though Jeff tends to disagree with some of the rankings. How the Hell the Bad Ben series or a single Bigfoot found footage film made it on the list is still confusing them both. In the second half, Jeff goes over a topic they have glazed over a few times: what if Bigfoot is an alien? While there is often a line in the sand drawn between Bigfoot researchers and UFO enthusiasts, there is a subset of the groups that believe an alien Sasquatch could help explain blurry photos, tracks stopping in the middle of nowhere and other issues that have stumped Bigfoot researchers for decades.
Ron Morehead is the dude Jeff was talking about and is the author of the Sierra Sounds book, Voices in the Wilderness.
Some of the stories and things mentioned in this episode include: 

Paranormal Bigfoot Movie

RIP Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Weaponized Ticks by the US Military

Shots Fired at Mammoth Cave Bigfoot Sighting

New Bigfoot Museum in Boring, Oregon

Human/Monkey Chimera?

Hail Cthulu! New Republican Convention Logo

New Dinosaur Discovered in Brazil

Linguini the Axolotl

Yurtle the Turtle

The Purpose Driven Dude

Monsters Among Us Podcast

Ologies Podcast

Glimmerman - Expanded Perspectives

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This week's Top 10 list is the Top 10 Reasons You Will Probably Never Find Bigfoot.

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