Ep. 157 - Best In Class - Money

07.30.2021 - By EXPANDED Podcast by To Be Magnetic™

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We’re so excited to share with you a new series called "Best In Class," where we compile the best teachings from past episodes surrounding a specific theme. Today’s episode is all about a topic that is intertwined with many aspects of the manifestation process: money!

This episode is packed with hard-hitting information and tangible tips about money and finances, especially in relation to self-worth, love, deservingness and happiness. You’ll hear from Lacy and Jessica, as well as TBM Coaches Heather and Salwa, and clips from Lacy’s episode with Luke Storey, as they break down the energetics behind this crucial theme and how to truly manifest abundance!

Find the Complete Show Notes Here -> https://tobemagnetic.com/expanded-podcast

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