171: Best of 2018 Part 1

01.02.2019 - By Economic Rockstar

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Best of 2018 Part 1 Excerpts from the following episodes feature in this 'Best of 2018 Part1'. 170 Jim Rogers on opportunities in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Venezuela and North Korea 139 Loretta Napoleoni North Korea growth prospects and how they can position themselves in the world economy 155 Lotta Moberg Refugee Cities and SEZs 167 James Kenneth Galbraith on the prospects for the Greek economy 150 Chris Blattman the economic and psychological effects of violence and war esp among children and in communities 169 Jennifer Murtazashvili democrarcy and governance in Afghanistan and the leadership role of women in communities in Uzbekistan 145 Marie Mora Under-represented minority women in economics and the plight of Puerto Ricans in the US 161 Tyler Cowen on art, culture, liberty and prospects of economic growth and welfare in the US, China and India 160 Arjo Klamer  Culture (Japan) and Writing as a means to create personal value 153 Sarah and Steve Writing

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