Best Podcast in Baseball 9.21: Joe Posnanski & his new classic, 'The Baseball 100'

10.14.2021 - By Best Podcast in Baseball

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A colossal feat of baseball reporting and baseball writing, Joe Posnanski's 'The Baseball 100', a New York Times bestseller, hits the desk with a thump to announce its gravity but lifts the heart as a joy to read. It's more than a ranking of the greatest 100 players in baseball history -- ranging from Willie Mays (No. 1) to Stan Musial (No. 9) and out to Ol' Pete Alexander, Bob Gibson, Steve Carlton, Max Scherzer, and Ichiro -- it's a bound volume of 100 of the greatest stories in baseball. Posnanski joins St. Louis Post-Dispatch baseball writer Derrick Goold to discuss the challenge of telling these stories, ranking the great players, what he found during his quest, and what he tried to capture about the highest-rated active player, former Cardinals MVP Albert Pujols. Posnanski, an award-winning sports columnist, is also the author of 'The Soul of Baseball' as well as JoeBlogs, and he's the host of the Podcast.
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