Bi Guys

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What's Bi Guys about?

Zac Amico and Ian Fidance partner up to bring you a show that highlights another side of manhood. The Bi Guys are not afraid to show their sensitive side, or be in touch with who they really are, but at the same time, not afraid to get a little silly and look at pictures of peoples buttholes. Just like Zac and Ian, this show goes both ways, it could be sensitive and tough, but most importantly, fun! Don't miss a single episode every week on The GaS Digital Network!

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Episode #107 - Jerk Off Of ...


Comedians Derek Drescher, Geo Perez, and Charlie Dawson join Zac Amico and a very late Ian Fidance to discuss Zac’s wisdom tooth troubles, having multiple cell phones, 9/11 conspiracies, ghost kitchens, a rat found in a couple’s Korean takeout order, ...

Bi Guys episodes: