Biden Begins, with Ben Domenech, Krystal Ball, Saagar Enjeti, and Ryan Grim | Ep. 53

01.20.2021 - By The Megyn Kelly Show

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Megyn Kelly is joined by Ben Domenech, co-founder and publisher of The Federalist, Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti, hosts of TheHill TV's "Rising," and Ryan Grim, host of The Intercept's podcast "Deconstructed," to talk about tech censorship, the Biden "blitz" when it comes to immigration and the economy in the first 10 and 100 days, the future of the GOP and the Democratic party, where the media stands now and what the media does next, the future of the "Trump" wing of the GOP, the media's Tara Reade failures, and more.

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