Ep 657 | Biden Family Goes Full-On Racist | Guest: Anthony Russo

07.13.2022 - By The Chad Prather Show

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It’s Taco Tuesday on a Wednesday, thanks to first lady Jill Biden. Jill decided to compare Latino diversity to “breakfast tacos.” Why is the Biden family so racist? Don’t forget to visit http://ChadOnBlaze.com to get your very own “I’m Not a Taco” T-shirt. President Biden was asked about his poll numbers by the media, and angry Joe came out: “Read the polls, Jack!” Where is Biden getting his news? Leaked documents from ICE show that immigration agents will provide abortions to illegal aliens, and yes, that means that your taxpayer money is funding those abortions. Anthony Russo, host of "Blunt for Discussion," joins the podcast to try to explain why the country so divided.
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