6 “Big Business” Tips for Introverts

11.08.2017 - By The Lucky Bitch Podcast

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I’ve never made any secret of the fact that I’m the world’s biggest introvert. Yes, really. Super introverted. I know that many Lucky Bee entrepreneurs are introverts too. And I regularly hear women saying that they can’t build a big business “because they’re too introverted”. I’ve already talked about three of my top tips for introverted entrepreneurs. But this topic is very dear to my heart, and I’ve created a million-dollar business since then… so today, I’m sharing six more tips on building a really big, introvert-friendly business. Plus, I’m also sharing a free tool that will help you to understand yourself better, so you can set up your business to work perfectly with your personality – introverted or not! Ready? xx DDT

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