4 Big Fat Food Lies that Make You Fat and Sick

12.26.2016 - By House Call With Dr. Hyman

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Since the release of my book Eat Fat, Get Thin, I’ve noticed fierce debates on social media and other news sources about things like calorie counting, eating vs. avoiding fat and genetics.

When it comes to overall health and weight loss, there’s an excess of advice out there. Unfortunately, most of it is terrible, misguided, outdated and scientifically disproven.

This ubiquitously poor advice can create weight loss roadblocks and even damage your health. Here are four prevalent misguided myths that drive me nuts.

Myth #1 – All Calories are Created Equal
Myth #2 – Your Genetics Define You and Your Health
Myth #3 – You Can Out-Exercise a Bad Diet
Myth #4 – Fat Makes You Fat

I’ve created a plan to reset your body and move toward your best self that incorporates movement, supplementation and above all, food and dietary fats .

The Eat Fat, Get Thin program is a 21-day plan designed to support weight loss, maximize energy and mental clarity and kick start your health.

Thousands of people all over the world have completed this program, and the results have been astonishing. If you’re tired of typical calorie-deprivation diets that don’t work, I highly recommend joining our Eat Fat, Get Thin January challenge.

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