#47: Big Money Wins—Unique Ways to Save & Use Cash Efficiently with Jim Wang

11.19.2018 - By BiggerPockets Money Podcast

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Jim Wang has been sharing his views on money for more than 14 years—more than enough to earn him the title of Great Uncle of Personal Finance Blogging. And he’s learned a LOT about money in those 14 years. Today, Jim shares his "big money wins"—unique, one-time ways to save larger sums of money or ways to get more bang for those bucks. He even has a tip we’ve never heard before! (We’re  not going to reveal it here, you’ll have to listen!) Jim also shares how his childhood shaped his views about money, his discovery that his day job wasn’t his true destiny, and how his frugality gave him enough confidence to take the leap into entrepreneurship. Looking for a some help cutting a bit more from your budget? This is the episode you need to listen to—twice! In This Episode We Cover: Jim's money journey On growing up with a very frugal family His side hustle when he was in college His financial position coming out of college How he started his first personal finance blog How he discovered financial independence The financial circumstances that allowed him to move into full-time entrepreneurship Thoughts on accumulating a lot of assets when the market goes down His entrepreneurship journey with Bargaineering Tips for getting his finances in order he learned from blogging Advice on budgeting and tracking your spending Tools he recommends that can track spending What a time journal is and how to use it The importance of being smart with your time How fix contracts are negotiable Why making an investment early on creates an easier life Resources to improve your credit score And SO much more! Links from the Show BiggerPockets Money Podcast 11: Financial Freedom in Less Than Five Years with Joel from FI 180 Mint Personal Capital EveryDollar Rescue Time My Hours Amazon Annual Credit Report Experian TransUnion Equifax Credit Karma The Upgrade and Save Strategy Make Your Own Free Mobile Expense Tracking App in 30 Minutes (blog)

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