#1 BIG Podcast - "La gouvernance des frontières" - With: Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly - Professor at the School of Public Administration, Jean Monnet Chair, University of Victoria, BC, Canada

08.31.2021 - By Borders in Globalization Podcast

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Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly dirige notamment le programme 'Borders In Globalization' (2012-2020 et renouvelé 2021-28) (SSHRC Partnership Grant). Il est spécialiste des études frontalières. BIG_Lab l'a interviewé sur la gouvernance des frontières.
Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly notably manages the program 'Borders In Globalizations' (2012-2020 and renewed 2021-28) (SSHRC funded Partnership Grant). He is a specialist in Border Studies. BIG_Lab interviewed him about Border Governance.
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