Bigfoot Eyewitness Episode 273

02.25.2021 - By Bigfoot Eyewitness Radio

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Tonight's guest, Jeannine Holzmann, has lived in Wisconsin, the Mountains of West Virginia, and in rural Florida, where she now lives. She's always lived in the country, but it wasn't until recently that she's had any cryptid-related experiences. Recently, she had what she thinks was a Dogman experience and not long after that, she saw a Sasquatch. You can't blame her for wondering what's next. If you've had a Sasquatch sighting and would like to be a guest on Bigfoot Eyewitness Radio, please go to and submit a report. If you’d like to help support the show, by buying your own Bigfoot Eyewitness t-shirt or sweatshirt, please visit the Bigfoot Eyewitness Show Store, by going to Thanks, as always, for listening!

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