Bitter and Salty – Episode 111 – BlizzCon Release Whistle

11.09.2016 - By Bitter and Salty - A World of Warcraft Podcast

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In the one hundred and eleventh World of Warcraft podcast episode, we open up our BlizzCon goodie bags, and drink the kool-aid from our tenth anniversary steins, we rate and recap our BlizzCon experiences and predictions, we agree that quantity is quality when considering new WoW content and patch releases, we review all of the 7.1.5 and 7.2 announcements, and prepare ourselves for Garrisons in Legion, flying, more invasions, class mounts, and the continuation of our artifact quest line, and we explain our theory about the upcoming journey to where it all began: underwater questing.
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BlizzCon 2016

Goodie bag

No new expansion

We’re working on one, of course

BlizzCon Predictions… How Did We Do?

Winston from Overwatch announced as new hero for Heroes of the Storm
I won’t let YOU ruin my fun… Khadgar
People will wear their badges around all the time outside of the convention hall
Some people are more exciting on Twitter than IRL
Some people will be excited, some people will be jealous
People will get in lines both too early and too late
Diablo 25th anniversary video montage
Warcraft Legion 7.2 announcement
We will find out what Overwatch Sombrero means
SaltySlainte will sleep in


Varied patch structure
A “minor” release is not a “patch” release but okay
Quantity is quality
Getting content to us quicker instead of one major change holding up the whole release

Patch 7.1.5

Legion’s first “small” patch
MoP Timewalking dungeons… example of “evergreen” content… content that can go in any patch but will be around forever
Brawler’s Guild with dozens of new bosses
Micro Holidays

AQ Remembrance Day… Horde banner will fly for a year
Volunteer Guard day… swap appearances with a guard
Pepe-style hippogryphs
Boat Day… Azeroth spring break

PvP Changes Were Crazy

Throwing stuff out there and see what works

Class Updates

Reworking talents… will they ever be able to balance?
Secondary stats… buffing
Traps coming back to Hunters. Great.

REALLY SOON… Going on the PTR now


Return to the site of our greatest failure
All 12 classes = Armies of Legionfall
New World Quests… Love WQs!

Class-themed WQs

“Build a Base, Create a Foothold”

Sounds like.. GARRISONS!!!!1
But wait, no, it’s like Isle of Quel’danas
Nether Disruptor, Command Center, and, wait for it… a MAGE TOWER!

Legion Assaults

Just like the pre-legion invasions… yay?
WQs will be disabled in the zone… so you can participate in other WQs
Three-player scenarios!

Flying? There’s no flying in Legion!

Part two of Pathfinder… Salty was wrong
All about outdoor content to unlock flying… no dungeons or raids required
Unlocked for your character, and all characters on your account
See? No alts… just characters

Class Mounts

Warlock and Paladin are stupid… But that DK mount!

ToS Raid

Harvesting the Pillars of Creation
Kil’jaeden final boss

Patch Dungeons Return

Do you miss them?

Artifact Changes

Can play catch up in 7.1.5… Is this fine?
Relics that unlock multiple trait bonuses… Awesome
Continuation of the Artifact questline
Solo content to unlock an additional appearance… YES!!

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