S6 E3-E4: BJ and the Old Hands

06.12.2019 - By The On-Call Room: A Grey's Anatomy Podcast

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Welcome back to another episode of The On Call Room where "Derek is smug" and "Chief is really angry" (those statements coming directly from our notes on the episodes).

Other than Derek walking around the hospital comforting coworkers Chief has just fired through an e-mail, we also have Callie showing up asking for her job back (spoiler alert she gets it, and a promotion), Cristina fighting for surgeries, and Izzie working too hard in her wig.

Thatcher shows up with liver failure and pukes blood on Meredith's shoes. It is pretty gross. Lexie offers her liver but she doesn't have the right blood, or liver juices, so she asks Meredith to do the transplant. After walking back and forth in a hallway while Cristina and Derek look with concern from afar, she decides to do it.

In other important news, Abbey cut her hair. It looks great.

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