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What's Black Mirror Cracked about?

Resident Black Mirror fans, journalists Suchandrika (@SuchandrikaC ( ( and Ryan (@Toadsanime ( give their take on every episode from Season 4 of Black Mirror, now available on Netflix.
They delve into each story to explore the themes, scenes and call backs to other chapters in the Black Mirror archive.
Episode 7 of the podcast is an exclusive Q&A with Black Mirror creators, Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones, which is filled with illuminating snippets about their writing process, which episodes deserve a sequel and what they think about making a musical episode.
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Black Mirror Cracked 5 trailer


It's all change as former guest, James Ide, slides into the host's chair. Starting nice and easy, his first task is Bandersnatch, the interactive Black Mirror movie from Netflix with a few million permutations... For information regarding your data privacy, ...

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