Blackwell Ghost, McPherson Tape, Skinny Bob, Helltown, Wrinkles the Clown: Faked or Fact?

10.30.2019 - By Magical Mystery Radio: Conspiracy & Paranormal Review

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Is it real - or not? It has become increasingly difficult to distinguish between fact and fiction. We live in a time of "fake news" and "deepfakes", under a constant barrage of disinformation and propaganda. It's only natural that artists would reflect this blurring of the lines in their work. And there's no better place to practice this craft than in the conspiracy and paranormal genres.  Join us as we discuss a few current examples of this emerging phenomenon - and some infamous ones from the recent past - to showcase the Hypernormalization that has infected our culture. A sign of the times? A portent of things to come? Tune in and find out! And HAPPY HALLOWEEN! - John and Adam Oh, and... Adam is "officially" retired from politics. ;-)     

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