Blind Spots

02.04.2021 - By The Look & Sound of Leadership

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This month’s coaching conversation features a leader too talented to lose but too troublesome to keep. Tom talks with him about blind spots and how he might reduce his. PDFs for you: The Johari Window Who’s Coachable Win an hour of free coaching with Tom. Complete our survey. The full archive is at: Related Archive Categories: Perception – How You Perceive Yourself Self-Talk Managing Yourself Personal Growth & Self-Development Related Episodes: Thinking Errors Boundaries The Executive Impostor Combatting Emotional Hijacks Self-Awareness & Self-Management   Subscribe to the HTML version at: Be in touch with Tom at: Thanks for completing the survey. We’re excited to share the new website we’re building for you. Thanks again for posting reviews! Stay positive. Test negative. See you next month!

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