Blood Money: Taylor Samson

10.29.2019 - By True Crime Brewery

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22-year old Taylor Samson left his fraternity on the night of August 15, 2015.  He had only his cell phone and a large black duffle bag as he walked out the door, telling his girlfriend he would be back soon.  She knew that he had been dealing drugs, but Taylor tried to keep his life with her separate from his life as a drug dealer.  He was in college, studying physics, and selling drugs was supposed to be a temporary way to pay the bills until graduation. Justin Blades and Pookiel McCabe, two other college students, were hanging out in McCabe's apartment when they heard a gunshot. 23-year old neighbor William Sandeson came to their door in a panic.  Money, drugs, and blood were on his apartment floor. Taylor Samson has never been found. Join us at the quiet end today for Blood Money.  Why were two bright and promising students so deeply involved in the drug trade and what happened to Taylor Samson?

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