BloomCast: The Voice of the Resistance

By Lisa Bloom

What's BloomCast: The Voice of the Resistance about?

Don't mope, mobilize. Our country and our future is at stake. Each week I will bring you a hard hitting, under-reported story about what is really going on, whether it's turning back the clock on abortion rights, voter suppression, or Trump's bald faced lies. I'll have an interview with a thinker you won't hear anywhere else, and positive stories from #TheResistance and specific actions you can take. Because action is the antidote to anguish. So put on your big girl (or boy) pantsuit and join me in standing for our values!

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The BloomCast: Voice of The...


Case after case filed against Trump’s travel ban are WINNING. Citizen Radio’s hilarious Jamie Kilstein joins me for the interview, and why talking to your Trump-loving neighbors is your civic duty.

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