Blue Flash | May 3, 2020

05.03.2020 - By The Steve Dangle Podcast

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On this episode of The Steve Dangle Podcast, we review our got hog eating competition (00:00), the Olympics, revisiting the Golden Goal, and Team North America (04:00), Brooks Laich's weird E! News stories (12:30), the NHL is adamant on doing an early June draft (21:45), STEVE'S DOG EATS POO (53:45), Blackhawks fire team president John McDonough (60:30), we review The Last Dance (1:08:00), the Russian Hockey Federation has unaccredited a bunch of agents (1:26:15), could Justin Bieber be the Leafs global ambassador? (1:36:00), and video game talk: sports commentary, EA Sports owning all the rights, terrible shooters, and streaming Fortnite (1:40:30).

Originally aired: May 3, 2020

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