Bob Bain's Mysterious Matters

By Bob Bain: The Curator of Mysteries

What's Bob Bain's Mysterious Matters about?

Deep in the back of your mind, you’ve always had the strange feeling that reality isn’t what it seems to be. You are right. There are invisible forces at play every day in our lives. These invisible forces control human behavior, manipulating what we see, feel, think and achieve. Through the art of cutting edge interviews with experts from the field of science, medical advancements, conspiracies, and paranormal culture, Mysterious Matters will enhance your mental and spiritual capabilities of understanding, while achieving its ultimate goal of breaking down the barriers of perceived reality. You will see reality, and your own life differently.

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Ghosts, Time Travel and Man...


Bob returns intake for Halloween to discuss how Ghosts, Time Travel and the ability to manifesting reality may (at first) appear to have nothing in common but when we dig into the depths of what each are representative of their ...

Bob Bain's Mysterious Matters episodes: