97 – Bohemian Star, Commissions, Sew-Ezi Table Review

05.26.2017 - By Katie's Quilting Corner Podcast

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See the Facebook Live video of the recording of this episode! I apologize for the sound quality of the episode as I had to switch computer programs I recorded on and a setting wasn’t tweaked prior to recording. Hoping to correct that for episode 98.

* Dog paw stocking commission
* Yin Yang quilt commission

* Ponoko template process
* batik purchasing
* yin-yang shape and applique process

* Designing Bohemian Star – sketching, testing in EQ, sending out for testing, redesigning in EQ, fixing in Illustrator, testing again
* Sew-Ezi Table – purchasing decision, assembly, testing
* Setting up a different sewing area
* Super Mario UFO progress
* Cornwallis update

* outdoor enclosure

* Patrick Wilson concert
* Glasses!
* Bernie Bladder stones
* Corgi Races

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