Bonus Episode: Battletoads 2020 (Xbox One)

09.08.2020 - By Worth it or Worthless: A Retro Game Podcast

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On this episode of the show, the boys finally have a good time with a Battletoads game!


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Everything else that we're doing:



Battletoads on Steam (non-affiliate link)

Battletoads on the Microsoft Store (non-affiliate link)


Segment Break Music:

Track: Kakariko Village

Artist: Mikel (YouTube)

Album: Zelda & Chill

Label: GameChops:


Track: Title Screen

Artist: Mikel (YouTube)

Album: Poké & Chill

Label: GameChops:


Track: Wii Shop Channel (Spotify)

Artist: DeFalco (Spotify)

Label: GameChops:



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