Bonus - Editorial by Jaye: The Case for Socialism

03.03.2020 - By Potstirrer Podcast

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In the public release of the October 2018 Patreon exclusive, Jaye discusses socialism - what is socialism, why is it so misunderstood, and why would it - in some form - benefit American society? The Cold War, entitlements and more are on the menu, so check it out! Twitter: @potstirrercast IG: @potstirrerpodcast Facebook: Website: Source Material: Bump, Phillip. 2015. "Do You Know the Difference Between a Communist and a Socialist?" Independent. October 25. "Capitalism" Merriam-Webster Dictionary. de Sousa, Ana Naomi. 2016. "Between East and West: The Cold War's Legacy in Africa." Al Jazeera. Gregory, Paul R., and Robert C. Stuart. 2003. Comparing Economic Systems in the Twenty-First Century (7th ed.) "Socialism." Encyclopaedia Brittannica. Dagger, Richard, and Terrence Ball. "Communism: Ideology." Encyclopaedia Brittanica. Music: Potstirrer Podcast Theme composed by Jon Biegen from Stranger Still Beautiful World composed by Drew Banga Dragon War composed by Makai Symphony Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 In the Past composed by Twin Musicom Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist:

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