Bonus 6: Happy Birthday, RTBP!

10.31.2020 - By Ready to Be Petty: A Pop Culture Podcast

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In this bonus episode of the podcast, Torry celebrates two years of RTBP! Torry shares what she has learned during this journey and then shares favourite clips submitted by listeners:

Episode 1: Petty about Halloween (7:10)

Episode 8: Petty about Facebook Engagement (8:40)

Episode 10: Petty about Photo Shoots (12:37)

Episode 15: Petty about Podcast Criticism (20:21)

Episode 17 Part 2: Petty about Making a Move (24:58)

Episode 21: Petty about Rain Poncho Prices (27:40)

Episode 28: Petty about Celebrities in Quarantine (31:47)

Episode 29: Petty about Call Her Daddy Drama (33:43)

Episode 35: Petty about What I’ve Been Watching (35:17)

Finally, Torry thanks her past guests and shares what is next for Ready to Be Petty (39:37).

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