[BONUS] Iran Flareup Puts Iraq's Fate In The Balance

01.09.2020 - By SE Cupp Unfiltered

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Cooler heads prevailed in the faceoff between the US and Iran, for now. But both countries still have forces fighting in a hot war in Iraq, so there's no separating the Iran tensions from the decade-and-a-half conflict in Iraq. Iraqi parliament voted to expel US troops from the country following the Soleimani strike, and Trump campaigned on getting America out of Iraq. So what should our role be in the Iraq War, and how will rising tensions with Iran factor into the future of Iraq? Joining SE Cupp with analysis and historical context on this complicated geopolitical moment is CNN Military and Diplomatic Analyst, retired Rear Admiral John Kirby. For more coverage on the US-Iran conflict, tune in on Saturday at 6p ET on CNN, and be sure to subscribe to SE's Weekend Warriors podcast.

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