BONUS (LIVE): Access Denied

12.23.2019 - By The Pilgrimage Saga

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This episode was performed live at the London Podcast Festival showcase: it features Rosie Curry, Emily Curtis and Francesca Mylod-Ford. You may find that the sound is a little quieter in some areas, and might want to consider turning your volume up during the live performance section.
The Pilgrimage Saga is a UK-based podcast by Turpentine Productions. It is produced and created by Francesca Mylod-Ford.

Emily Curtis as Darcey Eldridge
Rosie Curry as Saph
Francesca Mylod-Ford as The Annoying Voice

Sound design and editing by Leila Jones-Atkinson (
Music composition by Joash Kari (

Scripts and other information can be found HERE:

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