BONUS EPISODE: Out of Character With Sound Guru Justin Reilly

09.27.2019 - By Adventure a Dungeons and Dragons Podcast

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We are a little late with the net episode so to bridge the gap here is a out of character conversation with Justin and Bobby. Talking production process, Balec's character and some teases for season 4!!!

A big thanks to Justin Reilly for his sound effects work. It’s awesome! If you like his work check out his SoundCloud ( or follow him on Twitter (

Another big thanks to Battlebards ( & Tabletop Audio ( who both have amazing libraries of music and sound fx for your tabletop needs. It’s not just for us podcasting fools you can use them to enhance your offline games as well!

And one last shoutout to Andy Fillhart who helped us all with our character sheets this season. Check out his patreon page ( where he is creating NPCs using tarot cards for roleplaying games.

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