10.27.2019 - By Narada Radio Company Audio Drama

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In March 2019, the Narada Radio Company was invited to perform at the Rockport Little Theatre, Rockport, Texas. The choice of show was mine, and I had to hold auditions from local actors, rather than choose my own regular Narada players. As a result of this, two old theatre friends appeared at auditions, and my show was blessed, because I had my "Norma Desmond". We performed only three shows, and got only two recordings, from which I offer what you see here.  It's interesting to note that we created more than 90 live sound effects in this production, many of which I invented myself. Our audiences enjoyed watching our two SFX ladies creating the sounds. The script came originally from the "Lux Radio Theatre" adaptation, but I added dialog from the screenplay here and there; and I wrote new commercials to replace the Lux spots, but for some reason the commercials didn't record very well, so I cut them out of the final recording. The show overall doesn't suffer from this loss, however, and in fact cuts down your total listening time. Please enjoy this presentation of BIG STAGE AUDIO THEATRE! (Originally released in July or August 2019 for Sonic Summerstock Playhouse.)   CAST: ANNOUNCERS... Rick Nielsen, Aileen Corpos PETUNIA DOVETONSILS (Your Host) ... Geri Elliff HANDSOME MAN, ARTIE, and CECIL B. DEMILLE... Joe Martinez JOE GILLIS... Chris Starnes NORMA DESMOND... Becky Nielsen BETTY... Dawn Robertson MAX... Pete Lutz SHELDRAKE, OLD STUDIO GUARD and POLICE LIEUTENANT... Jason D. Johnson LANA, SKOLSKY, and DeMille's ASSISTANT... Narice Hopp FINANCE COMPANY MAN #1 and YOUNG STUDIO GUARD... Geneva Aubrey FINANCE COMPANY MAN #2 and MORINO... Aileen Corpos POLICE CAPTAIN... Rick Nielsen DETECTIVE... Jessica Mathews   MUSIC... Dr Ross Bernhardt. SOUND EFFECTS... Kathie Ricketts, Jessica Mathews

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