Bonus! #166: We Are All Sexually Broken

04.22.2021 - By Java with Juli

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Do you believe that only people who watch pornography, use sex to feel loved, or cheat on their spouses are sexually broken? Church culture has long approached sexuality by dividing us into two categories: sexually broken or sexually pure. In this conversation, Juli & Hannah present a different approach. "We're all sinners. None of us are righteous, not one. And apart from the redemption of Christ and the daily ministry of the Holy Spirit in our lives, we can never achieve righteousness. Why can't we apply that to sexuality?" Juli Slattery Guest: Hannah Nitz Show notes: Learn to have gospel-centered conversations around sexuality at Equip! Dig deeper into this conversation with Juli's book Rethinking Sexuality Invite Juli to your church There's More (Hannah's podcast)

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