Book of Basketball 2.0

By The Ringer

What's Book of Basketball 2.0 about?

Bill Simmons’s new podcast breaks down the NBA's most important games, players, and teams, extending and reinventing his New York Times no. 1 bestselling book from 2009. Playing off the NBA’s dramatic changes during the past decade, Bill uses new commentary and fresh interviews with players and top media members to determine how the league has evolved and where it’s headed.Produced by Bill Simmons and Kyle Crichton Music by Jackson Lowe Lyrics and vocals by Tic Tac and Melatonin

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8. Modern Icons | Icons Club


The faces of the modern NBA take on many shapes, sizes, and brands, but have a few things in common: more money and influence than any of their predecessors. In the face of this increased responsibility, will they continue the ...

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