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By Teddy

What's Bore You To Sleep - Sleep Stories for Adults about?

Welcome to "Bore you to Sleep," hosted by Teddy. Our podcast offers intentionally dull bedtime stories for adults, read in slow and easy-to-understand English. Incorporating sleep hypnosis and meditation techniques, our stories can help you relax and fall asleep. Whether you suffer from chronic insomnia or just have difficulty sleeping, our calming stories can help you unwind and escape daily stresses. We have a variety of stories, including classic literature and fairy tales, to suit everyone. Subscribe now to "Bore you to Sleep" for a peaceful night's rest and the sleep you deserve. Support this podcast:

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Sleep Story 267 – The Moder...


Tonight’s reading comes from The Modern Writer. Published in 1925 and written by Sherwood Anderson, this story looks at the art of writing, as it was in the early 1900’s. My name is Teddy and I aim to help people ...

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