Boston Scientific and Zenflow are bringing critical new tools to help urologists treat patients

10.15.2021 - By DeviceTalks

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The urology specialty faces a critical moment, with 10 urologists ready to retire for every new urologist entering the field. That puts the onus on medical device companies to develop faster, safer and more efficacious ways to break down kidney stones, shrink enlarged prostates and handle other critical treatments. In this week’s episode, we’ll speak with Meghan Scanlon, SVP and president, Urology and Pelvic Health at Boston Scientific about that company’s growing pipeline bolstered by the acquisition of Lumenis.

This episode was sponsored by KNF Neuberger.

We’ll also connect with the leaders of Zenflow – CEO Nick Damiano and President Susan Stimson – about the start-up’s minimally invasive treatment for urinary obstruction caused by enlarged prostate, or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

Finally, we have all-hands (or most hands) on deck for this episodes Newmarker's Newsmakers. Jim Hammerand, managing editor of Medical Design and Outsourcing, talks about Koya Medical and Hologic. Associate Editor Sean Whooley shares his insights on Varian and Explorer Surgical. Pharma Editor Brian Buntz gives us the latest on the never ending saga of Covid-19 booster approval.

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