Bowhunters Life Episode 8: Western Hunt Expo with Kimmi Greentree

02.16.2018 - By Bowhunter's Life Podcast with Adam Greentree

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Hey everyone, welcome to episode 8 of the Bowhunters Life Podcast. On today’s podcast, Kimmi and I sit down in our hotel room while we were at the Western Hunt Expo in Salt Lake City, Utah. We discuss a lot of the events that we attended while at the show, including Cam’s run, Eva’s work out with Mnt Ops, and the Gritty Movie Night. We talk about all the awesome and positive people that we’ve met in Utah, and how many fans have talked to us while at the show, and how grateful we are for that. We dive into a bit of the difference between conservation here in Australia compared to the States, and how easy it was to contribute to conservation while at the expo. We wrap it up by sharing with you some of the hunts that we have planned for the two of us this year. This episode is also the first for Bowhunters Life to be sponsored by some awesome companies that we love and use religiously. So big shout out and thank you to both Option Archery, and Maven Optics, for sponsoring the show, and making the podcast possible. And thank you all for listening!

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