Bowhunters Life #10 with Antonio Lara and Kimmi Greentree

05.11.2018 - By Bowhunter's Life Podcast with Adam Greentree

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Hey everyone, welcome to the show. On today's episode I am joined once again by Antonio Lara and Kimmi Greentree, and we discuss the many events of our recent hunting trip together. Kimmi arrowed a buck and we go into a lot of detail behind the series of events, and Antonio and I talk a lot about a hunters instinct, the connection we as hunters have with the animals we kill, and the reality of what it means to be a hunter and all the emotion and depth that comes with it. Towards the end of the podcast we bring up the recent Yeti drama with the NRA, and we share our opinion and the truth behind the matter. This podcast is made possible by Option Archery, if you haven't checked out their stuff I highly recommend it. I use their gear because I believe its the best that you can buy, and I only use equipment that I fully trust, and know will not fail me. Hope you all enjoy this episode and thanks for listening.

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