180 BPM - Turbocharger (Jumpstart Mix)

12.22.2018 - By PODRUNNER: Workout Music

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The Jumpstart mixes start with a jolt, back off, and ramp up to a peak. Wikipedia sez a turbocharger is a device for increasing engine efficiency and power output. Yup. Donations, merchandise, newsletter: https://www.podrunner.com PLAYLIST: 01. Badboe - Better Life (Wiccatron & Adrenalinez Remix) (Big Fat Mama Beats) 02. Globular - An Upwards Curve in the Horizon (Ghaap Remix)* 03. Larss - Pregunta y Respuesta (Original Mix) (Eme Music) 04. Frequency - Don&aposp;t Want to Dance Alone (Gruw's Music) 05. Goldroom - Fifteen (acapella)* 06. Mozaïk - Clerka (Canal AudioIF) 07. Splashfunk - African Vibe (Extradate Recordings) 08. Amaki - Night Train (Electronic Music FM Records) 09. Asfat - Nazgul (Fabio Jeffterry Remix) (Glorioso Sound) 10. SubConsciousMind - Creation* 11. Silicon Slave vs Logman - Brojob* 12. Lensko - Rebirth* (NoCopyrightSounds) 13. Dave Richards - Come With Me (MK837) 14. myni8hte & Asioto - Faulting Stars (Synth Collective) *CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 == Please support these artists == Podrunner is a registered trademark of Podrunner LLC. Music copyright © the respective artists. All other material ©2006, 2018 by Podrunner LLC. For personal use only. Any unauthorized reproduction, editing, exhibition, sale, rental, exchange, public performance, or broadcast of this audio is strictly prohibited.

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