Breaking News: A GOP Rep. Says "Trump Has Engaged In Impeachable Conduct"; Extreme Abortion Laws; Candidate of the Week: Bill de Blah-sio; Dems & The Fox Factor; Iran Confrontation

05.18.2019 - By SE Cupp Unfiltered

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After reading the redacted Mueller report in full, Republican Congressman Justin Amash says President Trump has engaged in impeachable conduct, in a lengthy Twitter thread; Controversial abortion laws in GA, AL, MO, & LA reignite intense debate; NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio enters the 2020 race; Some 2020 Democratic candidates will & have appeared on Fox News, but Sen. Elizabeth Warren refuses and is attacking the network; Besides the uncertainty of war, the ongoing confrontation with Iran exposes a growing divide between the US and our European allies; Trump pardons fans and awards friends

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