Brent Beshore - Learnings from a Year of Unexpected Events - [Invest Like the Best, EP. 226]

05.18.2021 - By Invest Like the Best with Patrick O'Shaughnessy

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My guest today is Brent Beshore. For those that don’t know Brent from his frequent appearances on this podcast, he runs Permanent Equity Fund and has been a close personal friend for the past five years. Brent and I revisit our conversation from the heart of COVID to touch on key lessons learned and where that leaves us today. Brent sits at a unique touchpoint of the economy, so I particularly enjoyed his anecdotes on inflation and how to operate around these dynamics. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Brent.   For the full show notes, transcript, and links to mentioned content, check out the episode page here. ------ This episode is brought to you by Canalyst. Canalyst is the leading destination for public company data and analysis. If you've been scrambling to keep up with the deluge of IPOs and SPACs these days, Canalyst has models on Coinbase, Roblox, Qualtrics, and everything in between. Learn more and try Canalyst for yourself at ------ This episode is brought to you by Tegus. Tegus has built the most extensive primary information platform available for investors.   With Tegus, you can learn everything you’d want to know about a company in an on-demand digital platform. Investors share their expert calls, allowing others to instantly access more than 10,000 calls on Affirm, Teladoc, Roblox, or almost any company of interest. All you have to do is log in. Visit to learn more. ------ Invest Like the Best is a property of Colossus, Inc. For more episodes of Invest Like the Best, visit    Stay up to date on all our podcasts by signing up to Colossus Weekly, our quick dive every Sunday highlighting the top business and investing concepts from our podcasts and the best of what we read that week. Sign up here.   Follow us on Twitter: @patrick_oshag | @JoinColossus   Show Notes [00:03:52] - [First question] - Why last year ended up being so bullish [00:07:14] - Deal dynamics of the current landscape [00:09:54] - Lessons learned about managing a team through the pandemic [00:14:39] - Observations on the housing market and the pool industry [00:18:56] - Current labor force dynamics of trades  [00:21:18] - Considering labor dependency when investing in new businesses [00:23:10] - His perspectives on the future of tech through his investment lens [00:25:50] - Seeking out traditional businesses that reinvent age-old frameworks  [00:27:50] - Key stages of the art and science of evaluating and acquiring a company [00:31:45] - How much information he wants to know before making an initial offer [00:34:25] - Psychology of structuring and aligning incentives post-acquisition  [00:37:41] - What defines a great deal negotiator [00:40:05] - His most creative act when structuring a deal that didn’t work out as well [00:42:17] - Hist most creative structuring act that proved useful for the upside [00:43:34] - Notable changes in large-cap private equity markets [00:45:41] - Skills he feels he can improve on over the coming five years [00:48:30] - Coaching small companies on how to recruit top tier talent [00:52:49] - How to effectively get people to say yes to job offers and openings [00:54:19] - Absolute and relative changes in the opportunity set of small to mid-cap markets [00:57:40] - Lessons learned from strong support networks and onramps of upward mobility

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