Brian Koppelman talks Tennis with Craig Shapiro (Ep 68)

04.12.2020 - By Under Review Tennis Podcast

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Brian Koppelman, the creator, executive producer, and show-runner for the hit show BILLIONS, has had an amazingly interesting life in show business, tennis, and beyond.  As a child he grew up on Long Island in Roslyn, New York and played tennis and basketball.  He was a junior tennis player and played high school tennis.  His dad was a musc industry executive and he told us about some interesting moments when he helped put together a record deal for comedian Eddie Murphy and how he discovered and produced the singer Tracy Chapman.  Brian Koppelman explained how he and his family are spending their time during the corona virus lockdown.  He talked about why we all need to act like we have the virus, and behave accordingly in order to save lives.
On this episode BRIAN KOPPELMAN  tells us about working for ELLESSE during the US OPEN. He explains what it was like to see Jimmy Connors play.  And he’s going to tell us about his frustrations on the court and why he has tremendous respect for pro tennis players. He explains why he thinks coaching should be allowed in tennis . He breaks down some of the adversity he faced as a blocked writer and the moments that helped him co-write the script for the hit film about the underground poker scene in New York, Rounders.  Brian Koppelman told us about his coffee mug fundraising initiative, Le Royale.
This is episode is part of our Tastemaker series.
(Recorded March 30, 2020. Released April 13, 2020)
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