4/24/2016 BTE Creature Features presents "Ranger" Tim Cassidy

04.26.2016 - By Beyond The Edge Radio

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In this episode of BTE's Creature Features, Eric, Marie and Karyn welcome Naturalist, Wildlife Biologist and Cryptozoologist Tim E. Cassidy to the show. We were scheduled to have Tim join us back in March but due to an internet issue, we had to reschedule Tim. Fortunately, he has agreed to join us this week on the show. During the first half hour of the show, we'll discuss some Crypto and Paranormal News. Then at 8:30 pm est, we're joined by "Ranger" Tim Cassidy as we'll talk about Bigfoot and other strange and undiscovered creatures across the country. Tim is a professional naturalist and wildlife biologist, He has been researching and field investigating the Bigfoot phenomenon for over forty years. Tim had his first encounter with a Bigfoot back in 1996 while working as a state park naturalist in Indiana. His employment as a former national park ranger let him travel across the country from Maine to Washington state, allowing him to hunt, research, and gather evidence of Bigfoot in eleven states. Appearing in the video "American Sasquatch Hunters", a presenter at Bigfoot conferences, and interviewed for a variety of Bigfoot radio shows, Tim shares his knowledge and experiences. Known as "Ranger Tim" in the "Bigfooting"circles he currently abides in the Hoosier state, Indiana. Join us this week for another episode of BTE Radio's Creature Features as we welcome Ranger Tim Cassidy to Beyond The Edge Radio.

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