Building Muscle: an Aging and Longevity Strategy You Shouldn’t Ignore with Shawn Baker, MD

02.16.2022 - By High Intensity Health with Mike Mutzel, MS

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Shawn Baker, MD discusses the science behind why you NEED to build muscle as you age and easy ways to stay strong and prevent muscle loss with nutrition and exercise.  Save on MYOXCIENCE's New Electrolyte Stix; featuring Real Salt, Chelated Magnesium, Potassium, Taurine and Creatine:  Use code podcast at checkout to save Connect with Shawn at Revero Health Show Notes 0:00 Intro 02:25 Mike recommends a carnivore diet to his clients with autoimmunity, and they are getting great results.  03:19 Autoimmune disease is becoming more prevalent. Immune modulating drugs can sometimes help. If they work, they tend to wear off. They suppress the immune system. They can have some acute side effects.  04:30 Mental health is improved with a carnivore diet. Systemic inflammation, reduced with this diet, also affects your brain, affecting mood and cognition.  06:45 We have fewer cows in the world than we did 50 years ago, but cows are blamed for greenhouse gas increases. Red meat consumption has gone down 30 to 40% in the US over the past 50 years, yet diseases become more prevalent. Our obesity rate is almost 45%.  08:33 Meat is an essential part of the diet.  08:35 Efficiency of producing beef can be improved with improved nutrition, genetics, and animal healthcare. The US has 90 million head of cattle and produces more beef than anywhere in the world. Brazil has 250 million head of cattle, yet it produces less beef than the US.  09:09 Meat production can be increased through vertical integrated pasturing, pasturing multiple grazing animals together. This could double or triple our output and improve our environmental footprint. 10:29 There are 4 major meat packers in the US. They control 85% of the beef supply. They suppress cattle prices to the ranchers and high cut the prices at the retail end.  11:25 Algae supplements for cattle can almost completely suppress their methane emissions.  11:35 USDA approved facilities are too expensive for ranchers to set up. Work directly with a local rancher.  17:11 Meat is a health food. It is a superior food to most other food in the supermarket.  24:15 An alternative to the Coronary Calcium Score is and AI driven dye contrast study, which also measures soft plaque.   A calcium score is recommended at about age 40 to 45, taken every 3 to 5 years.  28:15 The baseline of health is sleep, exercise and nutrition.  29:40 Resistance training is one of the most powerful levers you can pull, with regard to longevity, functional longevity, disease resistance, and metabolic capacity. Continue to challenge yourself. You can put on muscle at any age.  31:30 Resistance training gives objective progress feedback and health feedback. Lifting high volume heavy weight it is aerobic and anaerobic.  36:22 Dr. Baker pushes himself to failure several times a week in several sets in 5 to 20 reps. Super heavy weights raise the risk of injury.   42:52 Try to do some sort of exercise/movement every day. Avoid sedentary behaviors.  44:20 Surgical masks protect surgeons from flying body fluids produced from surgery, not viruses or bacteria. Surgical masks are not worn to protect the patient.  48:35 Carnivore Diet Study (observational) found: Weight loss, feeling better, reduced or eliminated symptoms, 94% of diabetics were able to get off their insulin, and 84% were able to get off all oral medications, including metformin.  57:25 It is very hard to get funding for a study on meat.  Most funding is provided by industry to those studies that will be favorable to them.

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