226- Buybacks (Part 3)

08.13.2019 - By InvestED: The Rule #1 Investing Podcast

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For show notes and more information, visit investedpodcast.com. Phil and Danielle continue their four-part series on buybacks in this episode of InvestED. They use common situations to illustrate exactly what a buyback is and what occurs when a company buys back its shares of stock. Companies distribute shares such as a pizzeria selling pieces of a pie, issuing slices of its ownership when it becomes public. When a company retires two pieces of its pizza pie by buying them back, what then happens to the remaining slices? The discussion proceeds as Phil and Danielle explain why companies decide to buy back shares with their extra money. They explain why companies bother with buying back their shares, and additionally cover the 4 basics of what a company can do with its extra money.
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